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November 27, 2020  

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and WWI

By Leo Paul Rousseau

This podcast transcript discusses the development and treatment of psychiatric disorders as a result of WWI.  Click here to listen to Leo's podcast!


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November 17, 2020  

Sergeant Stubby

By Sarah Walker

A heroic dog took part in World War I and became a celebrity.

November 16, 2020  

Woodrow Wilson

By Jacob Skorka

An overview of the life of president Woodrow Wilson.

November 15, 2020  

“Les mutilés de la face” and Anna Coleman Ladd

By Emma Waris

A podcast about Anna Coleman Ladd, the woman who changed the lives of the "mutilés" of the Great War. 

Enjoy ! 

November 9, 2020  

U.S. Presidential Election of 1916

By Tim Hill

A short description of the U.S. Presidential election of 1916, brought to you by Tim Hill.



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Image from Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1916_United_States_presidential_election

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