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September 28, 2020  

Louise de Bettignies

By Emma Waris

Welcome to my podcast ! This short episode focuses on the life of Louise de Bettignies, a French Resistant during World War One. 

September 21, 2020  

Variety of Weapons in the War

By Sarah Walker

There were a wide variety of weapons used in WWI, some new and some old.

September 21, 2020  

Lozenge Camouflage

By Bethany Kilcrease

I'm super excited to get my new German lozenge-pattern camouflage face mask and just start talking about camouflage on the fly.  Sorry, no script!  


Fokker D.VII

This is a Fokker D.VII with lozenge camouflage.  See "Lozenge camouflage," Wikipedia, accessed September, 21, 2020, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lozenge_camouflage#:~:text=Lozenge%20camouflage%20was%20a%20military,of%20the%20Imperial%20German%20Luftstreitkr%C3%A4fte.

September 20, 2020  

Tanks during WWI

By Parker Erickson

Short summary of the use of tanks in WWI, the first war in which tanks were used.


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September 8, 2020  

American Involvement in WWI

By Justin Hills


The U.S. Side of the War summarized from just before their declaration, to the final battles of the Western front


December 18, 2018  

The Black Hand

By Zach Grover


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December 17, 2018  
December 10, 2018  

Joseph Curry - Podcast 1 - The Kaiser

Joseph Curry

The role of the Kaiser in the July Crisis, the war effort, and his life after in the Netherlands

December 5, 2018  

U-Boat Sunk by a Sea Monster

Reuters, Thomas. "Engineers Stumble on WWI German Submarine Sunk by 'Sea Monster.'" CBC Radio-Canada. 19 October, 2016.

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December 4, 2018  
November 30, 2018  

Introduction of Plastic Surgery The Introduction to the Plastic Surgery Movement

Source: https://www.nam.ac.uk/explore/birth-plastic-surgery

November 24, 2018  

Conscientious Objectors in World War I


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Image result for conscious objector propaganda

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