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September 21, 2020  

Variety of Weapons in the War

By Sarah Walker

There were a wide variety of weapons used in WWI, some new and some old.

September 21, 2020  

Lozenge Camouflage

By Bethany Kilcrease

I'm super excited to get my new German lozenge-pattern camouflage face mask and just start talking about camouflage on the fly.  Sorry, no script!  


Fokker D.VII

This is a Fokker D.VII with lozenge camouflage.  See "Lozenge camouflage," Wikipedia, accessed September, 21, 2020, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lozenge_camouflage#:~:text=Lozenge%20camouflage%20was%20a%20military,of%20the%20Imperial%20German%20Luftstreitkr%C3%A4fte.

March 15, 2016  

The Air War Part II: Pilots, Crewman, and Aces


Manfred von Richthofen, the Red Baron - Public Domain Photograph


March 8, 2016  

The Rise of Air Power: Part 1: Technological Development


 Biplane - Public Domain Photograph
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